Invoices are a part of life

Invoices are a part of life, but they do not need to be a burden. Clark makes invoice managing easy and fast.

By gathering all your invoices to Clark, you can manage them anywhere at any time and pay them with just one click.


Follow and finetune your finances

Small expenses can grow into big ones. With Clark you can follow your daily expenditure and plan your expenses better.

Don’t let your finances rule you. Clark will remind you when a due day is impending, so you can handle everything on time.


Forget paperwork

Dull and irritating filing systems are a thing of the past. Clark archives your invoices automatically.

You can also archive other documents and return to them when needed. The electronic filing system is always with you and available at all times.

Save on your expenses and collect bonuses

With Clark, you will get rid of expensive paper invoices and unnecessary reminder fees once and for all.

You will also collect a personal bonus by using Clark, which can be exchanged into cash and be transferred to your bank account.

Save without noticing it

Invest in yourself

By gathering all your expenses into Clark you support your own finances. You get cash back on all your purchases made through Clark. The service already includes over 150 web shops.

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Clark makes everyday life a little bit more fun