Take the first step towards a simpler life and join our thousands of users, free of charge.

Clark is a free service intended for consumers. It allows you to easily take care of your finances at any time and anywhere. When you gather all your bills to the same place, you will free up your time and save money. You no longer need to pay for expensive paper.

Take care of your bills in only a few seconds 

Bills are a part of life, but they don’t need to be a burden. Clark makes taking care of your bills easy and fast.  You can deal with your invoices quickly by phone.


Bonus points make the management of finances more motivating

You receive a bonus of 0.3% for the bills paid via Clark and a bonus of up to 10% for the purchases made via Clark. What’s better than making money without even noticing?


No more lost documents or receipts

Nerve-grating archiving is now a thing of the past. Clark automatically archives your bills, but if you wish, you can also have your documents and warranty receipts sent to Clark.

Statistics keep you up-to-date on your finances

Small expenses easily accumulate into larger ones. With Clark, you can monitor your daily spending habits and plan your finances better.

No unnecessary payment reminders

Don’t let your finances control you. Clark will remind you of approaching due dates so that you can take of things on time.


Don’t worry! Clark’s security is comparable to that of an online bank. As a Finnish company, security is of utmost importance to us, and that is why all the data in our service is transferred using secure SSL-encrypted connections.

Clark will never record your card information; instead, the information is stored in the system of our PCI DSS certified partner.


We are part of the Taaleri Group and our operations are supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority.


Clark makes financial management easy and effective where ever you are.